Bethlehem Home Addition

When we arrived on site, the owners weren’t sure if there was any solution to their problems.
1. No garage.
2. No storage.
3. No screened porch.

We had a solution to all of those with this project. We built a garage with a storage room on one side and a custom screened porch one the other.
This garage required some very custom concrete solutions and a large beam to span 26 feet to allow for a 2500 truck, jeep and a gator.

The storage room is closed on 3 sides and has screens on the back side so that it doesn’t need to be conditioned.

The screen porch has exposed rafters, v-groove ceiling, and custom 6×6 railing system with integrated screens. We added an accent wall to the back side of the garage and prewired the garage wall for a TV and wall lights. We also added LED lights that shine up the ceiling to give a nice indirect light to the room at night.

This project added 1200 usable square feet to the home.